Some HGVs to be Banned From London Roads

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Thousands of HGVs are about to be Banned from London streets as the London Mayor takes bold and drastic action to achieve cyclist safety on London Roads, with a new rating system that will ban vehicles with the worst driver visibility 2020.

In an article for The Guardian Newspaper, Peter Walker explains that within four years, the capitols roads will be made safer for all cyclists and pedestrians following a ban on tens of thousands of lorries and HGVs. The ban is the brainchild of the London Mayor Sadiq Khan who told reporters:

“Road Safety campaigners have long called for action against some types of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), especially high-wheeled construction lorries, which have significant blind spots.”

The facts tell us that Lorries cause well over 50% of the deaths and injuries on roads in London and have a high impact on pedestrian deaths, with over 20% caused by HGVs. This statistic may not appear to require such drastic action, but lorries are only 4% of the traffic on London Roads, so their impact is massive.

Cycling groups welcome the plans

which will provide several stars rating to each vehicle, based on the visibility available to the driver. Those with three stars and above will be allowed to drive through the city, and those with a zero rating will be completely banned from entering London on any roads.

Huge problem for High Cab Trucks

This will be a huge problem for construction trucks with a high cab and big clearance under the wheels, and the problems have already begun. From April 2017, Transport for London (TfL) and the Greater London Authority will not approve any council contracts that use zero rated lorries and trucks.

The London Mayors’ Office told us that this will affect over 35,000 vehicles that currently operate in London, and these vehicles have also been involved in over 70% of the deaths caused to cyclists on London’s roads.

Amber Valley Blind Spot Protection

The blind spot protection devices made by Amber Valley can solve this problem for every HGV and construction vehicle with under 3 stars rating. They can be fitted to any vehicle, either at manufacture, or retro fitted, straight to the indicator switch.

The voice alarm and flashing lights warning indicators have already saved many lives, and saved many lorry and haulage companies, who can now operate in any city centre with massive improvements to their safety.

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