Cyclist Safety in Manchester

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Cyclist Safety in Manchester:

The ‘Hang Back From Lorries’ Scheme just launched in Manchester is a new Cyclist Safety Scheme

It urges all cyclists to ‘Hang-Back’ from lorries to improve the safety of cycling in the City and to take extra precaution when passing a large vehicle on the left. Here is a link to the launch information from imagineFM radio in Manchester:

The awareness scheme started on 27 September 2016 and aims to reduce the total number of fatal accidents between cyclists and lorries on Manchester roads.

Current UK statistics show that one 5th of accidents where a cyclist was killed, have involved HGVs The new THINK! campaign is a Government run scheme that provides road safety information:  The aim is to remind cyclists to ‘hang back’ at junctions to avoid getting caught between a lorry and left hand turn.

THINK! has also teamed up with the Freight Transport Association to remind HGV drivers to look out for cyclists and have launched a series of good driving clips on You Tube:

Blind Spot Protection Indicator Alarmalight

The Amber Valley Talking Alarm works from the indicator, and tells the cyclist exactly what the danger is. It also uses flashing lights in case the cyclist is wearing headphones reducing their concentration on dangerous surroundings.

It also has the ability to go significantly quieter at night to compensate for the reduced traffic noise, to be environmentally friendly and is a universal fit for any vehicle. It will automatically switch off if hazard lights are in operation and can be programmed in any language for any personalised message.

Amber Valley say: “We cannot stop accidents but we believe this device is the best on the market at saving lives.”

You can see and hear it on the website here:

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