Cycling Campaigns Demand Cyclist Blind Spot Protection

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cyclist HGV protection sign

Cycling Campaigns are Demanding Cyclist Blind Spot Protection from HGVs, Construction Lorries and  Delivery Trucks in major city centres across Europe.

Statistics are Revealing

Current statistics show that HGVs are just 5% of city centre traffic but they are responsible for half of all cyclist deaths, with many riders crushed on the inside of trucks as they turn left.

City Centres across Europe now have Cycling Campaign Action Groups who are demanding that their local Councils and Transport Authorities provide more protection for cyclists and pedestrians against Lorries, Trucks and HGVs that travel through urban areas.

The London Cycling Campaign ensured that freight companies cannot get Transport for London contracts without their lorries having cyclist blind spot protection and their drivers trained to look out for cyclists.

Their ex-lorry driver spokesman Charlie Lloyd, said:

Safer Urban Lorries are a challenge to help reduce the terrible number of people on bikes and on foot who are killed by lorries.”

Amber Valley Developments LLP is Europe’s largest manufacturer of a range of warning LED signs and multi-language speaking alarms that are saving lives and protecting against Blindspot, left turn, and reversing collisions.

Fitted to the indicator system, retrofitted or during manufacture.

Cyclists and pedestrians will be alerted by a flashing LED if they start to undertake along the left side of an HGV, and will hear an alarm announcing a safety warming in any language: “This vehicle is turning left” and be able to take evasive action.

Amber Valley LLP Exhibiting at Automechanika Frankfurt 13-17 Sept 2016

Fleet Managers are invited to come and look at these products displayed on the Stand and to take advantage of our fantastic Show Offers for HGV Fleets at: Hall 3 Level 1 Stand A44


Amber Valley Developments LLP are Europe’s largest manufacturer of:

  • Reversing Safety
  • Blindspot Protection
  • Battery Protection
  • Talking Alarms
  • LED Lighting

One-stop-shop for all FORS requirements with all products manufactured in the U.K:

  • Indicator Alarms- which come with built-in Indicator Modules
  • Indicator Modules- for use with any camera or sensor system
  • Speed Sensing Modules- to turn alarms off above a pre-determined speed
  • Indicator Alarmalight- H/D bus and truck models for light commercial vehicles

Industry Standards Compliance

Amber Valley are very proud of their ISO certification. All Design, Research & Development procedures are in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

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