Audible and Visual Blind Spot Protection for Cyclists

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We cannot stop accidents, but our Audible and Visual Blind Spot Protection for Cyclists and Pedestrians Can Save Lives…

Cycling in towns and cities is an increasing activity, bringing with it huge problems of “blind spot” hazards with heavy vehicles turning at pedestrian crossings and traffic lights, resulting in a rise in accidents and some deaths.

Many of the proposed solutions, alert the driver, and NOT the cyclist or pedestrian, who enters an area of extreme danger on the left side of HGV’s unawares.

The Amber-Valley Talking Alarm, works from the indicator switch and tells the cyclist or pedestrian exactly what the danger is. The effects are greatly reduced if they are also wearing ear defenders, or listening to music with earphones, which also reduces their concentration on their surroundings.


  • Flashing LED lights attract the attention of the cyclist, pedestrian even if they are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Utilises a quiet mode at night to compensate for the reduced traffic noise,
  • Universal fit for any vehicle, either in production, or retrofitted.
  • Can have any message in any language with a choice of male or female voice.

It is currently on trial with various government bodies in Europe and could reduce insurance costs for haulage companies using it. We cannot stop accidents but we believe this device is the best on the market at saving lives.

Amber Valley LLP is Exhibiting at Automechanika Frankfurt

Come and see the full range at Stand Hall 3 Level 1 Stand A44

and take advantage of Europe-wide Show Offers for:

  • Indicator Alarms- which come with built-in Indicator Modules
  • Indicator Modules- for use with any camera or sensor system
  • Speed Sensing Modules- to turn alarms off above a pre-determined speed
  • Indicator Alarmalight- H/D bus and truck models for light commercial vehicles

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