AVWW1 12-24V

Active High Voltage Overhead Cable Detection System

The Tipsafe sensor system has been designed and built using state of the art S.M.D. technology, incorporating a solid state proximity sensor with built in L.E.D. for easy adjustment. The E.C.U. (Electric Control Unit) is encapsulated to withstand vibration, water and dust ingress. All the connectors are AMP superseal connectors which are automotive and industry standard and waterproof. All this and the unit tests itself every time the ignition is switched on making it failsafe.

The E.C.U. and the sensor are available as separate items making replacements due to accidental damage most cost effective.

  • 12-24 dual voltage operation
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Over voltage protected
  • Unique modular design
  • Self-testing technology
  • Warning lamp or buzzer
  • In-built delay to eliminate false alarms due to body bounce
  • Fully encapsulated E.C.U. (Electronic control unit)
  • AMP superseal waterproof connectors with approx. 5 metres of cable for power and lamp/ buzzer leads Simple to fit

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